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Ken Donaldson is a Certified Forensic Psychophysiologist. A Forensic Psychophysiologist is one who has successfully obtained formal academic instruction in Forensic Psychophysiology. This discipline is recognized by the American Academy of Forensic Science and the Canadian Authorities.

Ken Donaldson was a Firefighter for 6 years, with a passion for investigations. The science of Polygraph has always been of key interest. Ken Donaldson graduated from the Academy of Polygraph Science in Largo, Florida in 2003. The course completed was APA (American Polygraph Association) Accredited.

The APA is the #1 body in this field. After extensive research and witnessing the growth of Polygraph testing in the United States, Ken Donaldson created ITR Inc. Polygraph Service to provide Polygraph Examinations to Canadians.

Since 9/11 security has become a #1 priority, making Polygraph a desirable tool for Statement Verification and the like. ITR Inc. uses the Lafayette computerized Polygraph instrument. The Polygraph Examination is scientifically proven to detect deception. While in Largo, Florida Ken Donaldson conducted Polygraph Examinations for the Largo Police/Fire Dept. and Dunbar Armored Car.

The work of Polygraph Examiner, Ken Donaldson is featured in a 13 episode TV Documentary Series called “The Lie Detective”. You can view episodes on CTV TWO. The Lie Detective was recognized for its quality in TV programing in 2009 when it was nominated for Best Documentary ½ hr. Series by the Alberta Motion Picture Industry Association for the Rosie Award.

Ken Donaldson is the official Polygraph Examiner for the INBF Canada and has been since 2008. All INBF Athletes who compete are subject to a mandatory Polygraph Examination for the purpose of eliminating illegal drug use within the sport of Natural Body Building.


Lesley Donaldson, ITR Polygraph

I am the Personal Executive Assistant to Certified Polygraph Examiner, Ken Donaldson. I am also blessed with the honour of being his Wife and Business Partner for the past 25 years.

Together, 15 years ago, we created and operate together "Is That Right" Polygraph Service, also known as ITR Polygraph www.itrpolygraph.com

Ken Donaldson is the Certified Polygraph Examiner and conducts all Polygraph Examinations. As the Administrative Assistant, it is my role to help with all the other needs for our clients. Such as, marketing, advertising, appointment scheduling, invoicing and helping to preparing the Reports, etc.

The majority of our clients attend our office very upset and distraught. Most times they are victims of crime, bullying, domestic violence and mental abuse, such as Gaslighting. They attend wanting to use the science of Polygraph to help resolve their issues that are causing them such distress.

Due to the trauma and life trials that I have suffered and endured in my personal life and have overcome, I chose to use my life experience to help others going through similar heartaches and thus our clients find it more comfortable and feel safe talking about hard issues. Many of which have never been spoken of before. We attend our office for each client with the intent to help that person prove what they are saying is true. However, if that client is lying that person will fail that test. Either way, we will always help that client to tell the truth..but we will never help someone continue to lie.


ITR Polygraph is proud to announce our newest team member - Ruby💕 Ruby, is Lesley Donaldson's personal Service Dog for PTSD. Ruby helps to provide our clients with additional emotional support while at our office. If you would like Ruby to attend your appointment please let us know when booking..Ruby looks forward to meeting you 🐶


The Psychological Detection of Deception Examination:  AKA “The Polygraph Examination or Lie Detector Test” process:

The Pre-Test Interview prepares the subject psychologically for the Polygraph Examination.

The Polygraph Examination consists of asking the subject a previewed set of questions and recording on a chart the subject’s physiological responses to the questions. Normally, a minimum of three charts are obtained.

Using the questions and charts, the Polygraph Examiner diagnoses the presence of physiological responses to reach a conclusion concerning the issue being tested.

Statements by the subject can be rapidly and accurately verified or discredited. The length of Examination is 2 1/2hrs approx. Many countries around the world conduct Polygraph Examinations on a regular basis. Testing activity in North America has expanded very rapidly and Canada is also following this trend. This will mean increased screening requirements for many sectors of government, civil servants and professionals.

Our Services

Reasons someone would take a Polygraph Examination include:

Conflict Resolution and Mediation Services:

Ken & Lesley Donaldson have been married 25 years with 4 adult children and 1 dear Grandson. For the past 15 years we have been helping our clients to resolve their disputes and empower them to be able to move forward in a positive direction..let us help you too! Mediation can help to eliviate the high expense and stress of taking legal action. If you need help to resolve an issue call our office today.

Security Consulting for Personal and Corporate Assets

ITR Polygraph has 15 years experience in advising our clients on how to properly secure their assets. Whether it be cash, product or property. Be proactive not reactive. Secure your assets today and call our office to schedule a consultation. If you have been robbed call our office immediately to schedule an appointment regarding theft.


If you have been sexually assaulted ITR Polygraph can help you to prove that you are telling the truth and that you were indeed assaulted by the person you have accused. It is not your fault, you are a victim and our service can help you to prove you are telling the truth regarding the crime committed against you.

Assistance with Child Custody/Divorse battles:

Are you a parent that has been alienated from your child/children? Has your partner lied to the court and your family about you and now you don't see your children as you should? Have you been falsely accused of sexually assaulting your own children? Please call our office today so we may help you to tell the truth and to restore your relationship and reunite you with your children; use the Polygraph Examination as a tool to eliminate the lies and the he said/she said senarios. Parental Alienation is child abuse. Stop it today.

Workplace Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination

If this is happening to you please don't hesitate to call our office to prove what you are saying is true about your situation.


Some of the work we are proud of:

INBF Canada

ITR Inc. Polygraph services has been providing the Polygraph examinations for the INBF since its conception in 2008.

Click Here for a video regarding the Polygraph technique and Click here for an article by Ken Donaldson.

The Lie Detective

The Lie Detective is a character driven documentary series that follows the work of independent Polygraph Examiner and self-professed truth seeker, Ken Donaldson, as he helps people from all walks of life in their quest for honesty, resolution and freedom from deception.

Vanity Cup

October 1st and 2nd 2016, teams from all over western Canada and the United States, gathered in Nipawin, Saskatchewan for the 23rd Annual Vanity Cup Walleye fishing tournament. 160 teams competed for cash and merchandise totaling more than $300,000. Over 2584 pounds of walleye were weighed in throughout the two day tournament. ITR Inc. Polygraph services provides examinations for the contestants.

In the Media

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Watch the entire "The Lie Detective" series right here on our website


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