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A Forensic Psychophysiologist is one who has successfully obtained formal academic instruction in forensic psychophysiology. This discipline is recognized by the American Academy of Forensic Science and the Canadian authorities.

The Polygraph Technique:
  • The pre-test interview prepares the subject psychologically for the polygraph examination.
  • The polygraph examination consists of asking the subject a previewed set of questions and recording on a chart the subject’s physiological responses to the questions. Normally, a minimum of three charts are obtained.
  • Using the questions and charts, the polygraph examiner diagnoses the presence of physiological responses in an attempt to reach a conclusion concerning the issue being tested.

Statements by the subject can be rapidly and accurately verified or discredited.Length of examination is 2 1/2hrs approx.Many countries around the world conduct polygraph examinations on a regular basis. Testing activity in North America is expanding very rapidly and we believe that Canada will follow this trend. This will mean increased screening requirements for many sectors of government, civil servants and professionals.

  • Employee Verification: This allows the employer to verify the applicant’s details.
  • Security Clearance: A valuable tool to verify an applicant’s credentials
  • Insurance Companies: To protect themselves from fraudulent claims.
  • Investigators: This gives the investigator an additional tool to use when investigating an issue.
  • Lawyers: To determine if a client is being truthful to the issue.
  • Child Care Verification: This allows parents to verify the care giver’s resume and qualifications.
  • Personal: This is a tool that people in relationships can use to verify the statements made by their partner regarding an issue of concern.
  • Family Counsellor’s: This gives the counsellor an additional tool to use when settling issues.

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